The benefit of freewill is that we can choose who we let into our lives. Do we allow people who choose us or people who don’t? This is because our choices will determine how far we go in life. Moving towards people who are not right for us in most cases create awkward relationships that often result in low self-esteem. We every so often find ourselves trying to fit in; and they trying to mould us into what they think we should be, in order for us to fit their needs – without stopping to care about what we want.

The truth is that we all have people who like us the way we are, appreciate our skills and talents and would not change them for anything.  These are our people; and the ones to let into our lives. We just need to realise that not everyone is the same to us.  This is why we should channel our energies  into more positive encounters.  They give us the opportunity to grow in confidence, potential and the limits that goes beyond the sky. Any relationship that does not give us these opportunities are toxic, and should be avoided at all cost. 


I say toxic because they produce in us negative emotions.  Emotions that change our outlook to life, drive how we react to people and situations.  We need to start protecting ourselves from toxic encounters and gravitate towards positive ones.  It’s about being honest with ourselves really; not everyone would like us for who we are and we probably feel the same about other people too. So, let’s  choose the direction that suits us and works for our goals and aspiration; and worry less about the one that leads to destruction.

It’s about time we divert our time, energy and conversation to people who choose and want us.  We can’t keep bending over backwards to satisfy toxic people in our lives. It just keeps us from moving forward and exploring our potentials.  There’s more to us than spending time ruminating over actions of toxic people because we allowed them into our lives.  So, choose people who are happy to have you in their lives! ading 1 Accent

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