Britain’s second female prime minister resigned Friday, 24 May 2019.

The story of Theresa May fits the popular saying, ‘no one is indispensable.’  This means that the work we do can be done by someone else, and even better.  Think of the billions of talents that exist in the world today. Thus, if we are opportune to be in a particular role, it’s not because we’re the best; it’s just our time and we’ve been found.  Just as we were found, other people with the same skill sets will be found too.  Time and chance happen to us all. 


I get the passion, and especially when we’re on the right track, it becomes really painful when people cannot see it.  But this is where we need to do more around our commitment to team playing.  We can’t force people down our path, if they don’t believe it in.  This doesn’t mean they can’t change their mind.  But what it means is they’re not convinced and we need to get them to that place.

Consequently, It is important when we’re in a role to approach our work smartly and more flexibly.  There’s no point trying to prove anything to anyone working in isolation.  We all need each other to make progress in our work, and unfortunately, no matter how great our skills are, if we lack the skill to work closely with other people, we will struggle to make progress. 

Our prime minister worked really hard and we can see the passion.  A shame that most of her ministers, and other party’s ministers could not see it.  What they saw was someone who wasn’t a team player and that changed everything. Perhaps, if she had carried them along from the outset, might have been a different end.  Who knows, but for me, lessons learned!

Anyways, a leader out another coming in soon.  Watch this space… dpriority46 \ls

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