What’s the world politics become? Headlines are running wild with political turmoil across the world.  From UK Brexit news to the unstable leadership in Africa.   Our political systems have become a ‘home system.’ Each leader gets in, run the system as they want; and leave the mess behind for their successors. It is a shame; a big shame indeed!

More interesting is that we are unhappy with the system, and yet still allow the system to continue.  Every time we vote for the same people or the wrong ones; we are allowing the chaos to keep on. Every time we support the outcome of a decision that’s not democratic- whether for our own selfish reasons, or due to ignorance, we are continuing to welcome more turmoil. This can be very unsettling, not just for the people we’ve allowed to run the system but for us too.  We get to the point where we begin to resist change and healthy competitions.


The question is how did we end up here?  Why are we allowing the turmoil to grow to the extent that we’ve become apathetic and are joining the club.  Every day, we live together in fear of our own actions; become unnecessarily suspicious of each other.  Indirectly rejecting political rightness and embracing our own selfish politics; politics targeting other people’s weakness, race, religion, culture, language, class and many more. Politics increasing poverty and economic decline.  Politics that’s moved us away from enjoying new experiences and the willingness to take risks that result in positive change.

It’s about time we put aside our fear of the unknown and choose for us the right political system.  If the leadership isn’t right; then we shouldn’t keep them there.  Let’s put the right people in the right position and not deny them the opportunity to create the change we want because we are too afraid to embrace new experience.  We only get to know people by showing interest in them. If we are too carried away with the fear of the unknown, we would always have to depend on the existing system to give us the change they don’t have. The result being individual decision that continue to create political turmoil.

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