Isn’t this beautiful!

Two people truly in love. Not perfect, just as we aren’t but happy in themselves!


When Prince Harry introduced Meghan to Daphne, you could see the delight on her face. She held her close and said she was beautiful. That’s been honest! Why should they be sad because some imperfect person thinks they should? Why should they feel guilty because imperfect people constantly remind them of their race and background? No one should allow anyone to despise their feelings because they don’t have what they have. We are freeborn, free to love and free to be loved by anyone.  This isn’t because they are from a particular race but because they are happy to love us and be loved by us. We are not perfect. Anyone that tells you they are perfect or look down on you because of your imperfections are no different from you. Looking down on you shows their own imperfections – don’t you think! So, enjoy love wherever you find it – as long as it is safe, beautiful and you love it. 

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