How many times have we heard the sayings that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks?  Countless times, I can imagine.  Those words that come out of our mouth are from our hearts’ storage.  For our hearts would only give what’s been stored in it.  Consequently, if we retain malicious thoughts, they will be exposed soon enough because that’s what’s in our hearts. If we are lucky, we would catch the rawness of the information and process them before they come out of our mouth. 

I know sometimes, we feel we have good reasons for our emotional state; and they often cloud our thoughts. Then, stored up in our hearts, adding more to their workloads.  Just in case you didn’t know, our hearts are the organs that help us react to different demands from our bodies including the brain by providing feedback signals, which affect the state of our emotions. For instance, if we feed our brains with reasons to retain our hurtful emotions, our hearts receive and store them raw for when we need them. And as our hearts were created to act unconsciously, our first utterances usually come out raw; unless, we are well contained and can process them before spoken.  Regrettably, in most cases, we’re not. That’s why we hear people say they never meant to. 


Our hearts are therefore very important and a special place too; not for storing up negative thoughts but for creating behaviours that reduces the risk of conditions such as high blood pressure, cholesterol etc.  If we take a moment to consider the importance of our hearts to the functions of other parts of our bodies, then, we will do more to reduce the impact of retaining unhealthy emotions in them.  This will include in bias, reprisal, hates and many more.  For every time, we keep them, we become stressed; and our bodies release hormones that causes our breathing and heart rate to speed up abnormally. We know what happens next… 

So, why do we keep storing unhealthy emotions in our hearts? Emotions that fill us with so much hurts – exposing our hearts to continuous levels of thoughts, which eventually trigger our adrenaline hormones. Isn’t it time we realised that we bear the consequences of what happen to our hearts?  We not only live with the outcome of the state of our hearts, we also live with the consequences of the words that come out of our mouth, as a result of the abundance of our hearts.

Thankfully, we have the power to control our thoughts; to remove the ones that are not of benefits to our hearts and interaction with the world.  So, lets wipe out the thoughts that are destructive and fill our hearts with the right ones.

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