Right! So, I thought I’d write about hasty generalisation fallacy.

We are too quick to associate a particular event or small sample of events to a race; and this every so often lead to a hostile environment. This line of thinking should therefore be avoided at all cost!


What we fail to understand is that by associating individual actions and intelligence to race, we are taking from individuals the opportunity to be responsible and celebrated for their uniqueness. Race and individuality are two separate items. Yes, you may exhibit characteristics of a race in language, physical outlook, history etc, but you are unique as an individual in intelligence and actions. An individual’s actions and intelligence are in no way a reflection of their race but what moulds them. It is therefore important we separate actions and intelligence from race in order us to get more insights.

Of course, we all like to be associated with good things that come from individuals from our races.  However, that’s not for us to make general. Instead, we should celebrate with them.  The same principle applies to wrongdoings by individuals; we should allow them to individually take responsibility for their actions, learn from them and get the help they need.  We should not take away individuality in our bias quest.

The truth is that society is now moving more towards individuality.  The isolated evidences of before that associates intelligence and actions to race are beginning to sound like broken record that people no longer want to listen to.  Its about time we press the pause button and be more objective in our considerations.  We should let individuals understand the consequence of their actions and feel responsible for it; and let intelligence celebrate itself.

Uniqueness in actions and intelligence makes for a better society that we can all be proud of.

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