Isn’t interesting that we all want a fair, transparent and honest environment? We all want people to be honest with us – but do we truly appreciate honesty? And what exactly does it mean to be honest?

Let’s take the definitions of honesty in both the Oxford and Cambridge dictionary, they both emphasised, ‘trust’. This means that an honest person is one that can be trusted.  But, trusted to do what? Trusted to be reliable, to be true, and just say it as it is.  But then again, how many of us like to hear it as it is?


Not too many I presume. We want people to be honest with us; and get upset when they are.  We want to be honest with people, but we find it hard to accept their honesty.  So, why are we so much after honesty? Why do we ask of people what we aren’t ourselves?

Why do we find it hard to receive honesty?  We want to feedback honesty and openness but react when others feed the same back to us. We emphasise transparency; when we aren’t transparent ourselves.  If the truth be told, none of us is honest, and the only one that’s honest is the one that’s happy to accept honesty in whatever shape or form.  One that approaches honesty with clear mind, most especially, if they have been honest with other people.

So, if truly, we want people to be honest with us, then we need to earn it.  We need to do more than just ask for it; we need to show the willingness to accept honesty from them in return.

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