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Is education what we have at present? Have we made things a little bit complicated by structuring our education the way it is now? Have we end up widening the segregation gap?

Personally, I’m in support of education because it is a powerful tool for refinement.  Through education, we receive both simple and technical guidance that adds wider perspective to our thoughts. Unfortunately, what we call education in our society today is a far cry from this.  Our educational system today is not only confining; but also creates inequality.

The system has imposed its own thinking on people, so much so, that a lot of people are lost.  People are not able to unlock their talents – because they haven’t received the right education.  A lot of us  are forced down the paths that aren’t ours; and could forever be confined to these paths. Unless, we are lucky to have the opportunity to change things, which is often not the case for most people.

We keep forcing people to learn subjects that are irrelevant for fulfilling their potentials. Won’t it be wonderful, if we’re able to unlock people’s talent at a very young age, and move them in that direction? By so doing, the educational system would have successfully created a world of diverse potentials in action. Rather than, limited potentials creating wealth.  Others, living in poverty!

Parents are not left out of the wiles of the educational system. The system has so conditioned most parents that they’re more concerned about their children passing the forced subjects, without which, the children are not able to gain admissions or find work etc.  Only the wealthy ones are able to call the bluff of the system, and establish their children in the right path.  Unfortunately, not all parents have the resources to do so.

We therefore need a proportional educational system that offers wider variety of subjects – delivered in a formal or informal setting, as appropriate to the needs of individuals.  You’ll find that some individuals do better in practical approach than theoretical one.  Realising this in individuals will help us in developing their potentials. 

Yes, there are subjects like Maths and languages that we need in order to be confident in discussing matters relating to our finances, and establishing social interaction. And therefore, should be made compulsory, but not a tool for measuring individual potential.  More emphasis, however, on other areas such as arts, music, public speaking, training, writing, games development, software development, entrepreneurship, athletics etc would be great. The more choices people have, the more likely they’d explore and fulfil their potentials.

We want a society that make people feel they have the potential to be successful. Not one that continues to create wealth imbalance – the direct consequence of unlocked talents and skills. If our system continue to provide educational opportunities for certain category of people, then we are locking out other people with abilities to be successful too. The risk therefore to our society, an increase in poverty level, consequence of crime and many more.

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Are we naively assuming the identity of other ancestry in order to fit in? Do we not feel the need to feel like we belong the way we are?  Must we cut our nose to spite our face, all because we ache to fit in? Why are we failing future generations?

If the truth be told, our ancestry define our identities.  Without which, we become non-existent. And if we’re non-existent, then there will be no next generation.

But thankfully, with the existent of our ancestry, we all now can say we belong somewhere. Somewhere we feel comfortable being ourselves and can enjoy a stress-free connection.  This somewhere, isn’t necessarily our place of birth, as it is more to do with our heritage. It is this heritage that gives us a better understanding of our uniqueness and helps us to feel a greater sense of connection to ourselves.  Not accepting our heritage, therefore, means gradual decline of a generation.

We are who we are for a purpose.  Our ancestry is full of exciting exploits. Unless, we open ourselves up to understanding our ancestry, we will continue to feel less connection with our ancestors, and therefore, less connection with ourselves. 

Knowing about our ancestors drives our values and beliefs.  We come to appreciate the awesomeness of God and our connection with him.  In return, this connection prepares us for the tasks ahead of us.  It sets the strong foundation for fulfilling our purposes, understanding our weaknesses and strengths and initiating the change that’s right for us and the next generation. 

Unfortunately, a lot of us have spent our lives assuming other ancestries because we feel they are better than ours. On the contrary, our real power comes from accepting us and getting other people to accept us for who we are.  Trying to assume another ancestry because we feel they are better than ours is like trading our birth right for a pot of porridge.

Without our ancestors, we would not have existed.  That’s how powerful the connection is.  It’s what makes our identities. Even if our birthplace is different from our ancestry, our identities remain unchanged.  We may be able to change our speech, eat and act in a certain way in conformance to our place of birth; our identities are unaffected by these changes.  Isn’t this the reason why we still get awkward questions about our who we are?

No ancestry is perfect.  Yes, some ancestries have been sold to us in such a way that we feel more aligned to them. When in fact they are not.  They are like every other ancestry yet to tell their own stories.  If we are not telling stories of our own ancestry, there’s no way we can give an insight that would inspire compassion and love for them.  By showcasing them, people can see their challenges and how they overcame them.  Their strengths in creating a generation in an imperfect world.  Their battles, the wars they fought, their endurances and perseverance.  The pain they went through and yet didn’t give.  That’s how much recognition we can give to our ancestry to save a declining generation.

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Isn’t it wonderful that we can express ourselves freely? I, like you, think it is great that we can be free with one another, as it gives us a feeling of oneness with all things. 

However, just as our freedom of speech can give us the feeling of oneness, it can also divide us. This is because our words are powerful. So powerful that they can build up or rip apart; and can leave a long-lasting negative impression of who we aren’t.

Shouldn’t we therefore thrive our free speech in a considerate manner? A manner that’s truly truthful if we’re truly trying to speak the truth.  But in most cases, are we speaking the truth?  Are we using our free speech in a healthy or destructive way? Are we sometimes caught up in our own hurts that we don’t realise that we are hurting other people?

If we are going to be using our freedom of speech to speak the truth, then what’s the truth?  Is our truth based on any grounding at all, in which case, it is fair? Is our truth based on our bias, in which case, is not the truth? Truth and bias are not the same thing. Truth is based on evidence and fairness; bias on the other hand, is based on our own personal opinions, which makes our speech unfair.

The impact of free speech can be remarkably permanent.  We should therefore use it in a manner that bring about positive change for us and for our society.  Tearing ourselves apart is not the way to go. If we’ve been hurt deeply, it is okay for us to share our experiences so we can be free. Unfortunately, if in sharing our experiences, we attack a whole community for the wrong of some; we lose all empathy and only get apathy.  No one ever want to be in a place where people stop being interested in them because of their bias.  We all want to be heard, and be spoken to, and be made to feel fair in our outlook – not the other way around, as it deepens our hurts.

I am not saying lose your free speech.  All I’m suggesting here is that we direct them more towards the right issues.  Issues that create positivity and not further lead to disintegration and bitterness.  If being hurt could create a monster in us; why do want to continue creating more monsters.  And what happens when we all become monstrous in our views? Is this the world we want to see? Yet, we are continuing to trade, travel to explore and find survival in some cases. How would we be able to sustain them if we all continue to use our freedom of speech to attack one another?

Let’s therefore show consideration in our free speech and be respectful of one another. There are more important issues that would benefit from our free speech.  We can either use our free speech as a powerful force to change those issues or continue to use our free speech to isolate us from the rest of the world, who feel differently.   

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