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We were wonderfully created as one human race to expand and fill the earth.  But what did we do? We built walls and reclassified ourselves by race.  We coined out the word ‘race’ to put our stamps on different landmasses, and then created a distinct group of human races based on physical and behavioural transformations.  The distinction that gave rise to racism – the belief in the inferiority and superiority of races.

Whether we accept it or not, there’s only one human race; otherwise, animal race.  A race that continues to expand into different areas of the earth’s landmasses, as they move along them.  In order to live successfully on these landmasses, they would have to learn the relevant adaptation skills and put in place certain practices that differ from landmass to landmass. And for every time they move along the earth, in search of a better life, love and many more, they’ll take with them their learned practices and also try to learn new ones depending on the landmass they settle in.

Unfortunately, some of us see these movements as threats to our existing associations. We prefer our own associations and would not welcome any new ones. We’d do anything to stop the movements including being hostile and racists towards them. What we fail to understand, however, is that we cannot stop people moving along the earth, as that would also have an impact on us. It would mean stopping holidays, explorations, adventures, employments and many more, as we would not be justified entering other people’s landmasses if we’ve prevented them from doing the same.

But this is not who we are. We are freeborn; and enjoy the opportunity to be able to see the world and interact with it. We were so created and that’s why everytime we push people away, other people feel drawn towards them. The reasons for our hostilities, are the reasons other people want to know more about the new associations. Hence, the reason the world is becoming smaller. We are discovering a lot more about the human race and our similarities and anyone who remains a racist soon find themselves living in the gullibility of the past, which is dying out, as each day progresses.

People are finding love around the world, they are looking for new opportunities wherever they can find them, and establishing new friendships that stick closer than their existing ones. These are all signs of a world moving away from the gullibility of the past. So why remain unhappy and isolate ourselves from the beauty of diversity of the human race?

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Our society has created two ends of a social spectrum: the high and low. The high social spectrum, people regarded as having certain benefits confer on them such as good jobs, homes, houses and cars, to name but a few.  And the low spectrum, characterised by poverty, unemployment and homelessness etc. 

Sadly, this is what our society has become. We’ve lost every respect for humanity and the value in it; and have replaced it with social class. A concept that’s having significant impact on people’s access to basic things of life, and direct consequence of increase in crime rate in our society today.

Whilst I am of the opinion that anyone can change their spectrum through hard work and determination; I still believe the concept is not necessary at all. Our wealth should influence other people’s prospects of access to jobs, food, education and many more; and not be a basis for segregation.

We should aim for a society where we all can dwell together in harmony; a classless one.  One that we can use our wealth to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor.  To transform other people’s lives and access to the basic things of life. 

Measuring people’s existent based on social class is very belittling.  Whether we group them under high, middle and low and for whatever reasons, clearly hasn’t helped situation at all. Rather, its creating more divide.  Where someone feels they can’t be themselves because of their financial or educational situation is not good for our society.  We ought to give people the opportunity to be able to change their situation, and not feel they do not belong.

If we set our standard of existence based on class, then we’re not encouraging hard work.  The reason why we see a lot of people getting involved in activities that have potentials to make them rich quickly.  In most cases, these activities aren’t through hard work, as we’d expect.  But at least, they get them on to the ‘social’ ladder.

Must we continue to create situations that relegate people to the background. Situations that create unnecessary tensions, all because we want to satisfy our selfish intentions.  It’s a great thing to be wealthy; and even greater to use the wealth positively. What’s more beautiful is if we all have access to change our situations. To be ourselves whilst we do so. Looking down on people because of their ‘social’ situation is causing negative and unhelpful.

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Is education what we have at present? Have we made things a little bit complicated by structuring our education the way it is now? Have we end up widening the segregation gap?

Personally, I’m in support of education because it is a powerful tool for refinement.  Through education, we receive both simple and technical guidance that adds wider perspective to our thoughts. Unfortunately, what we call education in our society today is a far cry from this.  Our educational system today is not only confining; but also creates inequality.

The system has imposed its own thinking on people, so much so, that a lot of people are lost.  People are not able to unlock their talents – because they haven’t received the right education.  A lot of us  are forced down the paths that aren’t ours; and could forever be confined to these paths. Unless, we are lucky to have the opportunity to change things, which is often not the case for most people.

We keep forcing people to learn subjects that are irrelevant for fulfilling their potentials. Won’t it be wonderful, if we’re able to unlock people’s talent at a very young age, and move them in that direction? By so doing, the educational system would have successfully created a world of diverse potentials in action. Rather than, limited potentials creating wealth.  Others, living in poverty!

Parents are not left out of the wiles of the educational system. The system has so conditioned most parents that they’re more concerned about their children passing the forced subjects, without which, the children are not able to gain admissions or find work etc.  Only the wealthy ones are able to call the bluff of the system, and establish their children in the right path.  Unfortunately, not all parents have the resources to do so.

We therefore need a proportional educational system that offers wider variety of subjects – delivered in a formal or informal setting, as appropriate to the needs of individuals.  You’ll find that some individuals do better in practical approach than theoretical one.  Realising this in individuals will help us in developing their potentials. 

Yes, there are subjects like Maths and languages that we need in order to be confident in discussing matters relating to our finances, and establishing social interaction. And therefore, should be made compulsory, but not a tool for measuring individual potential.  More emphasis, however, on other areas such as arts, music, public speaking, training, writing, games development, software development, entrepreneurship, athletics etc would be great. The more choices people have, the more likely they’d explore and fulfil their potentials.

We want a society that make people feel they have the potential to be successful. Not one that continues to create wealth imbalance – the direct consequence of unlocked talents and skills. If our system continue to provide educational opportunities for certain category of people, then we are locking out other people with abilities to be successful too. The risk therefore to our society, an increase in poverty level, consequence of crime and many more.

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Are we naively assuming the identity of other ancestry in order to fit in? Do we not feel the need to feel like we belong the way we are?  Must we cut our nose to spite our face, all because we ache to fit in? Why are we failing future generations?

If the truth be told, our ancestry define our identities.  Without which, we become non-existent. And if we’re non-existent, then there will be no next generation.

But thankfully, with the existent of our ancestry, we all now can say we belong somewhere. Somewhere we feel comfortable being ourselves and can enjoy a stress-free connection.  This somewhere, isn’t necessarily our place of birth, as it is more to do with our heritage. It is this heritage that gives us a better understanding of our uniqueness and helps us to feel a greater sense of connection to ourselves.  Not accepting our heritage, therefore, means gradual decline of a generation.

We are who we are for a purpose.  Our ancestry is full of exciting exploits. Unless, we open ourselves up to understanding our ancestry, we will continue to feel less connection with our ancestors, and therefore, less connection with ourselves. 

Knowing about our ancestors drives our values and beliefs.  We come to appreciate the awesomeness of God and our connection with him.  In return, this connection prepares us for the tasks ahead of us.  It sets the strong foundation for fulfilling our purposes, understanding our weaknesses and strengths and initiating the change that’s right for us and the next generation. 

Unfortunately, a lot of us have spent our lives assuming other ancestries because we feel they are better than ours. On the contrary, our real power comes from accepting us and getting other people to accept us for who we are.  Trying to assume another ancestry because we feel they are better than ours is like trading our birth right for a pot of porridge.

Without our ancestors, we would not have existed.  That’s how powerful the connection is.  It’s what makes our identities. Even if our birthplace is different from our ancestry, our identities remain unchanged.  We may be able to change our speech, eat and act in a certain way in conformance to our place of birth; our identities are unaffected by these changes.  Isn’t this the reason why we still get awkward questions about our who we are?

No ancestry is perfect.  Yes, some ancestries have been sold to us in such a way that we feel more aligned to them. When in fact they are not.  They are like every other ancestry yet to tell their own stories.  If we are not telling stories of our own ancestry, there’s no way we can give an insight that would inspire compassion and love for them.  By showcasing them, people can see their challenges and how they overcame them.  Their strengths in creating a generation in an imperfect world.  Their battles, the wars they fought, their endurances and perseverance.  The pain they went through and yet didn’t give.  That’s how much recognition we can give to our ancestry to save a declining generation.

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Black Lightning

This power allows the user to become intangible and also allows them to travel through or power electrical objects. The only way to gain this power is to be born with it at birth, as any other attempts to get the power would be unsuccessful and may lead to either unconsciousness or death. People with this power are usually referred to as the strongest or the miracle child. Other abilities you gain are:

  • When you become electricity your body becomes as fast as light itself which is hundreds of times faster than regular lightning.
  • You can create explosions of electricity that spread to either stun someone or charge a whole area with electricity.

Disadvantages of becoming lightning:

  • You can’t go underground or you will be turned back into your human form and crushed under the weight of the dirt or you will get stuck halfway in the ground.
  • If you go anywhere near water then anything in your vicinity will be electrocuted until they fall unconscious and there is no way to turn it off unless the water in your area is removed.

Dark Teleportation

This power gives you the ability to teleport to any location but also allows you to create a black hole that can take any object and put it in the area the user is thinking of. The thing is that if any human goes inside the hole they will be captured, until the portal is opened again by the user. Pros of having this ability:

  • Anyone you touch will be teleported to the location of either the user or the person thinks of. This all depends on what the user wants.

Disadvantages of using this ability:

  • The more you teleport the more pain and numbness your body feels. The way to fix this is to train your body so you can resist more pain.
  • When you first start using your ability you won’t be able to go even a couple of miles until you develop your ability by teleporting multiple times per day until you feel extremely used to the pain.

Time Travel

This ability allows you to go back or forward in time. The only problem is if you use it to many times you start to get time sickness. This sickness is much worse as it causes you to stop moving or talking and it automatically puts you in a disabled state. But once you’ve rested for a couple days the numbness will disappear. Perks of having this ability are:

  • You can use it to see the future so that if anything bad happens then you will be able to prevent it.
  • You can change the past so if you want to fix a mistake that you or someone else made- but just make sure you don’t go more than 1000 years back or you won’t be able to come back to your timeline.

Disadvantages of this ability:

  • If you look into the future more than twice a day you will get a headache that won’t go away until the next day or you will become extremely exhausted.
  • If you change a major incident or event in history then one of you eyes will be made temporarily blind and you will be unable to use your power for a two days.


This power allows you make anything you want, as long as, you can imagine a clear image of what you are going to create. If you don’ have all of these imaginations in your head then the creation ability won’t work. Pros  and cons of having this ability:

  • You can make anything but if you create too many things without rest then you become super skinny and your body will become very fragile to the point were even a gust of wind could knock you over. The best thing to do in this situation is to stuff yourself with tons of food to create more fat in your body.
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I thought it would be nice to write about Mapes next.  This is because of how much we have associated Mapes to humans, and how we’ve even gone as far as saying humans evolve from Mapes. I am not sure how that’s possible though, and how such unintelligible reference have been accepted by people.

Anyways, in case you were wondering, Mapes stands for Monkeys and Apes, and in this write up, I will showcase their differences and similarities to humans.  However, what’s worthy of note is that a lot of other animals share the same similarities and differences with humans.

So, firstly, no person or culture evolve from Mapes.  Mapes are all around us.  If it helps to put a place to their origin, then I would almost likely say, their origins lie in the same origin as humans.  Just as humans were created, Mapes were too.  If we still struggle scientifically to make sense of humans, why then do we spend a lot of time trying to unravel the mystery behind Mapes.  Just like humans, they come from the same creator. 

What’s interesting about Mapes is that they can walk straight up like humans. Isn’t God wonderful!  And if you wonder about where they live and how they survive.  Mapes live in jungles, forest across the world.  Some now live with us humans in our homes!

They come in different colours like us: white, black, brown, orange etc.  But that’s not all there’s to Mapes, they are diversified in their shapes and sizes. They are omnivores: they eat meats and plants, not just bananas, as we were made to believe. And domesticated ones can drink milk too…

If you didn’t know, Mapes are social beings.  They enjoy hanging out too.  They’d love to be taken to parties, if you will do them the honour.  I see we humans love to hang out with them too.  They are very particular about their children and work together to care for them in their troop.  They enjoy playing, cuddling and protecting each other.  Isn’t this exactly what ALL humans do? Exciting!

Just as we have the men as Heads of our homes, guess what, they do too.  The largest male Mapes are the Heads of their homes. What you also need to know is that they practice polygyny – male mating with more than one female. Ha ha! just as we practice polygamy, male marrying more than one wife; mating with more than one female. And in the home, a baby Mape is cared for by the mother.  In monogamous homes, they are cared for by both parents.

I must mention that a baby Mape is treated as an adult between 4-5 years. Ok, humans, are we beginning to turn our children into Mapes when we expect so much from them at that age too?

But what makes them different from us is our ability to reason at a higher level.  If we also take ourselves back to creation, we would see that we were created to manage the whole earth including the animals that reside in it.  Hence, why we can train Mapes for instance to become domesticated, build and invent stuff they can’t.  So how could we have even come up with the idea that we evolved from Mapes!

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Britain’s second female prime minister resigned Friday, 24 May 2019.

The story of Theresa May fits the popular saying, ‘no one is indispensable.’  This means that the work we do can be done by someone else, and even better.  Think of the billions of talents that exist in the world today. Thus, if we are opportune to be in a particular role, it’s not because we’re the best; it’s just our time and we’ve been found.  Just as we were found, other people with the same skill sets will be found too.  Time and chance happen to us all. 

I get the passion, and especially when we’re on the right track, it becomes really painful when people cannot see it.  But this is where we need to do more around our commitment to team playing.  We can’t force people down our path, if they don’t believe it in.  This doesn’t mean they can’t change their mind.  But what it means is they’re not convinced and we need to get them to that place.

Consequently, It is important when we’re in a role to approach our work smartly and more flexibly.  There’s no point trying to prove anything to anyone working in isolation.  We all need each other to make progress in our work, and unfortunately, no matter how great our skills are, if we lack the skill to work closely with other people, we will struggle to make progress. 

Our prime minister worked really hard and we can see the passion.  A shame that most of her ministers, and other party’s ministers could not see it.  What they saw was someone who wasn’t a team player and that changed everything. Perhaps, if she had carried them along from the outset, might have been a different end.  Who knows, but for me, lessons learned!

Anyways, a leader out another coming in soon.  Watch this space… dpriority46 \ls

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How many times have we heard the sayings that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks?  Countless times, I can imagine.  Those words that come out of our mouth are from our hearts’ storage.  For our hearts would only give what’s been stored in it.  Consequently, if we retain malicious thoughts, they will be exposed soon enough because that’s what’s in our hearts. If we are lucky, we would catch the rawness of the information and process them before they come out of our mouth. 

I know sometimes, we feel we have good reasons for our emotional state; and they often cloud our thoughts. Then, stored up in our hearts, adding more to their workloads.  Just in case you didn’t know, our hearts are the organs that help us react to different demands from our bodies including the brain by providing feedback signals, which affect the state of our emotions. For instance, if we feed our brains with reasons to retain our hurtful emotions, our hearts receive and store them raw for when we need them. And as our hearts were created to act unconsciously, our first utterances usually come out raw; unless, we are well contained and can process them before spoken.  Regrettably, in most cases, we’re not. That’s why we hear people say they never meant to. 

Our hearts are therefore very important and a special place too; not for storing up negative thoughts but for creating behaviours that reduces the risk of conditions such as high blood pressure, cholesterol etc.  If we take a moment to consider the importance of our hearts to the functions of other parts of our bodies, then, we will do more to reduce the impact of retaining unhealthy emotions in them.  This will include in bias, reprisal, hates and many more.  For every time, we keep them, we become stressed; and our bodies release hormones that causes our breathing and heart rate to speed up abnormally. We know what happens next… 

So, why do we keep storing unhealthy emotions in our hearts? Emotions that fill us with so much hurts – exposing our hearts to continuous levels of thoughts, which eventually trigger our adrenaline hormones. Isn’t it time we realised that we bear the consequences of what happen to our hearts?  We not only live with the outcome of the state of our hearts, we also live with the consequences of the words that come out of our mouth, as a result of the abundance of our hearts.

Thankfully, we have the power to control our thoughts; to remove the ones that are not of benefits to our hearts and interaction with the world.  So, lets wipe out the thoughts that are destructive and fill our hearts with the right ones.

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What’s the world politics become? Headlines are running wild with political turmoil across the world.  From UK Brexit news to the unstable leadership in Africa.   Our political systems have become a ‘home system.’ Each leader gets in, run the system as they want; and leave the mess behind for their successors. It is a shame; a big shame indeed!

More interesting is that we are unhappy with the system, and yet still allow the system to continue.  Every time we vote for the same people or the wrong ones; we are allowing the chaos to keep on. Every time we support the outcome of a decision that’s not democratic- whether for our own selfish reasons, or due to ignorance, we are continuing to welcome more turmoil. This can be very unsettling, not just for the people we’ve allowed to run the system but for us too.  We get to the point where we begin to resist change and healthy competitions.

The question is how did we end up here?  Why are we allowing the turmoil to grow to the extent that we’ve become apathetic and are joining the club.  Every day, we live together in fear of our own actions; become unnecessarily suspicious of each other.  Indirectly rejecting political rightness and embracing our own selfish politics; politics targeting other people’s weakness, race, religion, culture, language, class and many more. Politics increasing poverty and economic decline.  Politics that’s moved us away from enjoying new experiences and the willingness to take risks that result in positive change.

It’s about time we put aside our fear of the unknown and choose for us the right political system.  If the leadership isn’t right; then we shouldn’t keep them there.  Let’s put the right people in the right position and not deny them the opportunity to create the change we want because we are too afraid to embrace new experience.  We only get to know people by showing interest in them. If we are too carried away with the fear of the unknown, we would always have to depend on the existing system to give us the change they don’t have. The result being individual decision that continue to create political turmoil.

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