I thought it would be nice to write about Mapes next.  This is because of how much we have associated Mapes to humans, and how we’ve even gone as far as saying humans evolve from Mapes. I am not sure how that’s possible though, and how such unintelligible reference have been accepted by people.

Anyways, in case you were wondering, Mapes stands for Monkeys and Apes, and in this write up, I will showcase their differences and similarities to humans.  However, what’s worthy of note is that a lot of other animals share the same similarities and differences with humans.


So, firstly, no person or culture evolve from Mapes.  Mapes are all around us.  If it helps to put a place to their origin, then I would almost likely say, their origins lie in the same origin as humans.  Just as humans were created, Mapes were too.  If we still struggle scientifically to make sense of humans, why then do we spend a lot of time trying to unravel the mystery behind Mapes.  Just like humans, they come from the same creator. 

What’s interesting about Mapes is that they can walk straight up like humans. Isn’t God wonderful!  And if you wonder about where they live and how they survive.  Mapes live in jungles, forest across the world.  Some now live with us humans in our homes!

They come in different colours like us: white, black, brown, orange etc.  But that’s not all there’s to Mapes, they are diversified in their shapes and sizes. They are omnivores: they eat meats and plants, not just bananas, as we were made to believe. And domesticated ones can drink milk too…

If you didn’t know, Mapes are social beings.  They enjoy hanging out too.  They’d love to be taken to parties, if you will do them the honour.  I see we humans love to hang out with them too.  They are very particular about their children and work together to care for them in their troop.  They enjoy playing, cuddling and protecting each other.  Isn’t this exactly what ALL humans do? Exciting!

Just as we have the men as Heads of our homes, guess what, they do too.  The largest male Mapes are the Heads of their homes. What you also need to know is that they practice polygyny – male mating with more than one female. Ha ha! just as we practice polygamy, male marrying more than one wife; mating with more than one female. And in the home, a baby Mape is cared for by the mother.  In monogamous homes, they are cared for by both parents.

I must mention that a baby Mape is treated as an adult between 4-5 years. Ok, humans, are we beginning to turn our children into Mapes when we expect so much from them at that age too?

But what makes them different from us is our ability to reason at a higher level.  If we also take ourselves back to creation, we would see that we were created to manage the whole earth including the animals that reside in it.  Hence, why we can train Mapes for instance to become domesticated, build and invent stuff they can’t.  So how could we have even come up with the idea that we evolved from Mapes!

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